Thursday, January 04, 2007

Vanity is the spice of life...Secrets of Beholden

What can I say? I was mentioned by name in a lovely little blog I frequent painfully often (well those essays aren't going to write themselves are they?) and will therefore do as I'm told.

5 Secrets for the Land of Blog...

1. I have too many names and don't like any of them. Helen Oliva Joy. Helen = librarians and housewives. Watch the films. It's all there. Olivia = (sorry Toast & Honey) a fat prig from my primary school, forever to provide snivelling associations. Joy = because my mother was joyous when she had me - a much wanted daughter. Cute sentiment, name from the WI. Sorry Mum. I used to wish to be called Samantha (love the 80s), but now I think Helena is just the right bit more interesting.

2. Not allergic to penicillin but ibruprofen. Lumpy thigh rash. Not pretty. Also, and more wierdly, food colouring. No Coke or luminous candy for me. Helps me feel worthy and also encourages the making of excessive numbers of cakes as most shop bought ones are full to bursting with the stuff.

3. I grew up in America, on the east coast. This translates itself into a impossible to pin down accent and an emphasis on the ends of words, especially computerrrrrr. Oh, and a LOVE of peanut butter.

4. I dream of (and yearn for) the concept of marriage and babies but find it absolutely impossible to picture myself physically at the altar or with a bump below my breasts. I wonder what will happen if and when they happen and there won't be any more yearning to do.

5. I'm riding the storm of a love affair with theatre costume that has so far bestowed two years of troubled, though frequently exhilerating, employment and a resolve to never go back. I'm vying for a career I'll love as much, but will pay me more consistently and not be full of so much bitterness and acidic networking. I live in hope that this exists.

What this list basically boils down to is that I think too much, and my blogging world has on the whole caused me to focus on the delightfulness of daily life (much to the good) and wait for the big stuff to work itself out.

I now tag Cally and Paola to share secrets in the spirit of detox. Think of it as cleansing for the soul...

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