Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Cupcakes Galore

The final belated Christmas present was bestowed last week over a scrumptious dinner.

This rather delightful book is guaranteed to inspire many entries to come and I'm sure I'll be able to sneak you a few of the recipes. The decorating of the cupcakes is rather brash for me (I'm more in the subtle Nigella school of decor, in theory if not quite capable in practice), but the variety of recipes is mind-boggling: Tiramisu, Hannukah or Summer Pudding cupcakes, anyone?!
This is my first attempt from the book: maple and walnut cupcakes, which as you can see, rose far more than I intended but certainly looked the part! The icing didn't work quite as I'd hoped (caramelized maple syrup stirred through whipped egg whites was a bit runny and didn't set as promised) so I left it off, but they were tasty and light without being too cloying. Perfect tea or breakfast muffin/cupcake style.
Watch this space for further try-and-testing - it's all in the name of blogland, after all.

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