Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Patches OR Any suggestions greatfully received.

Owing to my Mum's fabric shop, the pair of us are blessed with hundred of sample squares from various suppliers in various weights (light cottons, heavy upholstery linens etc). I love putting them together to make hotchpotch pactchwork sheets but then I'm not really sure what to do with them. You can see on the left, I've two unfinished cushion covers (or something similar) and these to the right are laid out to endure the fate of countless other defenceless squares.

If you can suggest any projects that are interesting, fun, not too complicated, modern (no disgusting patchwork totes please) and (for an added bonus) can be made to sell to raise funds for my little thermometer on the right, I will happily oblige.*

Am so far debating little patchwork purses, coasters and more cushions....

I'm listening....!

*By this, I mean, I will take commissions, prostitute my wares and generally do as I'm told to make sure I hit £2,500 come November.
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