Monday, February 12, 2007

Bafta Threads

Badness ranged far and wide last night.

Sienna looked like old upholstery and once again demonstrated to children far and wide the perils of not brushing your hair.

Eva Green is another who needs to make friends with the Mason Pearson. I've also never been a fan of backless wonders with high fronts and long sleeves. Hilary Swank did it a few years ago at the Oscars and everyone wowed her protruding hipbones. I just think you look like a nun from the front and a strumpet from behind. Congrats on the award though.
Thandie looked pretty, from the waist up in an interesting fungus colour: sadly the mushrooming style knee-downards didn't quite win me over - how could she sit still in that for three hours? It looks like what would happen if you stood over a large natural sponge and just jumped right in. Then hobbled down the red carpet. Not cool .
Delicous, however, came a variety of shades, styles and ages. Hoorah!

This could have looked like a bad bridesmaid in coffee 'n' cream combo. Instead, looked elegant, unusual and not at all dowdy. And thankfully avoiding a full-on decolletage as she is usually wont to do. We all congratulate you, Helen.

Join, me, oh thousand crowds, and love Kylie. It's not hard. She looks fabulous and it's only an oversized t-shirt in Chinese dragon fabric. Delicious.
Behold the embroidery, the monochrome contrast, the love of my evening. Penelope Cruz + Oscar de La Renta = Happy Beholden. We know my thoughts on the 'gorgeous' (only meant slightly in the press 'chubby' way) Kate Winslet. Love this Ben de Lisi dress. Love the belt. Love the taffetta. Love the fullness without gathers. Not dissimilar to my Sixth Form Ball Gown.

Cheerleader/Chav ponytail? The naff glace cherry on an otherwise chic and elegant cupcake.*

*I should note here that I am usually ready and willing with the glace cherries when feeding masses or going for the retro chic vibe. I was looking for a not-too-mean but relevant non-'icing on the cake' pun. Don't take against me, oh glace cherry lovers.

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